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Demonising foods and restricting ourselves with punishing fad diets can take its toll and can lead to endless circles of failure. Does that sound familiar?


A well-balanced diet containing all our essential nutrients is essential for us to be firing on all cylinders and can help you feel your best, both mentally and physically.


It doesn’t have to be about fat loss, there are many other reasons for wanting to balance our food intake, such as tiredness, fatigue, recovery, illness, feeling run-down and generally wanting to feel better and good about yourself.


In order for our bodies to work efficiently, we need to obtain the right balance of nutrients in the form of proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, water, vitamins and minerals. I can help you achieve that balance.


Using the latest nutrition software, I analyse your weekly dietary consumption and support you in making real changes that will work and last a lifetime.


Get in contact to book an initial consultation

Initial Consultation – £30


Once you have booked a consultation you will be sent a number of forms including a questionnaire asking about your medical history, lifestyle and food preferences to be completed ready for the appointment.


Appointments last up to 1 hr to allow time to discuss the answers you have provided on your questionnaire fully, giving an insight into your current health, symptoms and lifestyle.  


We will take time to understand your goals and propose a strategy that we can work together and ensure you have as much support as you need.

These will consist of analysing food data and discussing progress with a fully supported action plan, tracking app and logged progress.

Sessions after consultation will be £40 

Packages are available;

8-week Nutrition course for £290

8-week Nutrition course plus weekly 121 PT £510

There is plenty of flexibility in packages after the initial packages have been completed I am more than happy to switch things up and add things to suit all needs.

One to one training  

I can also offer a wide range of physical training activity sessions tailored to clients' requests and requirements which range from an introduction to exercise/activity to a more bespoke training package this can be provided in a private location or in the great outdoors, on a one to one basis or with friends.


Increasing your activity or exercising has so many benefits to you physically and mentally that it should be enjoyed and should complement a well-balanced diet. I believe that there is something out there for everyone to enjoy – these sessions are optional.


Please contact me to discuss your requirements.