I had gained a fair amount of weight after I’d turned to food as a comfort after a couple of traumatic life events. I was struggling to have the control and discipline to correct my eating habits and get back on track. I had a pretty good idea of what I should and shouldn’t be doing but I lacked the motivation to improve things. That’s when I looked to Sharon for help and guidance. Having Sharon there gave me support but also accountability which is what I needed to start making progress. I took so much value in having Sharon’s watchful eye keeping check of what I was doing and pointing me in the right direction, highlighting easy wins that meant I was noticing results quickly but without having that feeling of ‘being on a diet’. Sharon is very good at knowing what to say to help you feel better and keep the motivation up without patronising or lecturing and as a result, I have lost a stone and got back into the clothes that were bursting at the seams. I honestly couldn’t recommend her more highly, I feel so much better and back in control.

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