Meal Plans

I believe that your diet is very personal. We shouldn't expect someone to predict what we want to eat; when you learn to drive yourself, it's about understanding what you need to do until you can proficiently do it without aid. Once you are going alone, you start to learn and improve by becoming confident and independent.

Most people do not need a new diet; they need to work on their existing diet and embrace and recognise where they can make a change and understand why and the benefits.

We are bypassing the system of education, which is essential for long-term sustainable success, by being told what to eat to make our diets better. A meal plan will not get rid of your problems.

Most people don't stick to meal plans, and when they cant, the blame will fall onto themselves instead of the quick fixing fad companies that are ripping people off hand over fist with a lack of information and products that only make them money.

The process does not need to be time-consuming or complicated.

Going back to basics, balancing and focusing on food's nutritional value and benefits, embracing variety and colour on your plate.

We need to remind ourselves how easy some of the foods available to us are to consume and prepare.

Let's work on your diet and stop shopping for a new one.

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