I started to see Sharon as I suffered from fatigue, and the weight had crept on. Working shifts, it's easy to grab food at times without consideration.

I am on a fantastic journey with Sharon. I have lost my goal of 2 stones and getting back comfortably into my old clothes.

I have a better understanding of foods and how to live, as I like the odd takeaway!

I feel so much more energised and happier in myself.

I have taken the next step with Sharon to get fitter. I feel the fittest I have ever been. I have taken up running and sea swimming, which I never thought would happen.

Sharon's Bootcamp circuit sessions put me through my paces. Sharon is great at pushing you that bit further but making it fun.

Seeing Sharon is one of the best things I have ever done; she is excellent and has improved my life. I had tried different diets in the past and never stuck to them. Sharon's approach does not feel like a restrictive hardship

; it's more about choosing and balancing.

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