Lisa Patchett

I was browsing through Sharon’s website thinking, is it worth the money? My friend had had recent success with Sharon and noticing how her mental attitude had changed towards food, I took the plunge and contacted Sharon.

After our first consultation, Sharon had set me up with her app and had discussed my goals, I told her my target weight and that I just wanted to be happier and healthier. I always said the same things on the fad diets that I had tried and never thought I could reach them, I wanted fast results, Sharon explained it was a long game and small sustainable changes.

9 weeks later I am feeling fitter and healthier than ever, my hair shines and my eyes sparkle! not only did I reach my target weight, I exceeded it by 4 pounds, my total weight loss being 1 stone and 7 pounds.

Sharon gave me the tools to identify what I needed to add to my meals, such as iron, selenium and fibre to increase my overall fuel and feel good. Nothing from my diet was removed, it was just discussed and other options were suggested, it was my responsibility to make better choices, the more I became aware of the impact of certain things, the easier it was to make that decision. I could still have that glass of wine or slice of cake if I wanted to, Sharon taught me how to balance things over the week and to stop punishing myself.

I have found the self-confidence which I have not had for a long time and can now fit into my smaller clothes comfortably.

Sharon is non-judgemental, all she asks for is honesty but she is a realist about life in all aspects offering support and encourages you every step of the way. Together you will be able to achieve the results that you desire and feel so much better about yourself.

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