Lee's review

Weight loss, well it isn't something I was concerned about. Yes, if I dropped a pound or two then great, but I haven't weighed myself in years. My primary motivation for contacting Sharon was to have more energy and to feel more motivated. I wanted to see some benefits to all of the training I had been doing, with limited effect. Yes, I had to log my food. Something I don't normally like doing but one day in and I was fine with it. But it was soon apparent to Sharon that something was happening that I hadn't considered before. I wasn't eating enough. I was depriving my body of the essentials, including carbohydrates!! So with Sharon's guidance, I have changed my eating habits significantly. The results after an eight-week programme, my running and squash have both improved. My general wellbeing and energy are better. And the bi-product is that I have also dropped two belt notches. Thank you, Sharon.

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