From the first moment, I met Sharon I knew this would be a journey like no other, after a very tough year, my sister found Sharon’s page and asked for me to go and see her for a consultation as a gift. Normally I’d say “sod off” but for once I just said yes and it was the best yes I’ve said.

I joined with Sharon on the spot!! My whole thought process towards meals and meal prep has changed and I couldn’t feel any better than I do right now.

8 weeks in and 1 stone lost I can safely say I’m continuing on my journey with positivity and amazing support and encouragement! The time has flown by and there have been moments of tears and non-stop laughter and I wouldn’t swap a moment! Sharon is so supportive and knowledgeable and makes each meeting a joy.

I have been shown a way to make meals fun and learned a lot more about nutrition in food. I don’t care for processed and junk food and I now look forward to eating clean and healthy. But even if I do feel like a treat or a cheeky G&T, there is no judgement which is why I feel my time with Sharon is not a diet (shudder at that D-word) but a life change.

I have now taken up exercise, which I haven't done since school and I am loving it. Sharon keeps it to stuff that I enjoy and I am motivated to get out there on my own, I can not believe the mindset change.

If you are constantly on fad diets and still feeling crap then please don’t think twice about having a consultation with Shaz and just see the difference in the way you view food and nutrition.

Thank you, Shaz for making a lifestyle change fun.

Jenny is heading into her third stone loss and has a completely different mind set to what she wants in her life.

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