From the first moment I met Sharon, I knew this would be a journey like no other; after a very tough year, my sister found Sharon's page and asked for me to go and see her for a consultation as a gift. Usually, I'd say "sod off," but for once, I just said yes, and it was the best yes I've said.

I joined with Sharon on the spot!!

My whole thought process towards meals and meal prep has changed, and I couldn't feel any better than I do right now.

Eight weeks in and one stone lost, I can safely say I'm continuing on my journey with positivity and fantastic support and encouragement!

The time has flown by, and there have been moments of tears and non-stop laughter, and I wouldn't swap a moment! Sharon is so supportive and knowledgeable and makes each meeting a joy.

I have been shown a way to make meals fun and learned more about nutrition in food. I don't care for processed junk food, and I now look forward to eating clean and healthy. But even if I do feel like a treat or a cheeky G&T, there is no judgement which is why I think my time with Sharon is not a diet (shudder at that D-word) but a life change.

I have now taken up exercise, which I haven't done since school, and I love it. Sharon keeps it to stuff that I enjoy, and I am motivated to get out there on my own; I can not believe the mindset change.

If you are constantly on fad diets and still feeling crap, please don't think twice about having a consultation with Shaz and see the difference in how you view food and nutrition.

Thank you, Shaz, for making a lifestyle change fun.

Jenny is heading into her third stone loss and has an entirely different mindset to what she wants in her life.

We are heading to tackle Snowdon in June 2022 and i cant wait to show Jenny what she can achieve.

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