Working with Sharon has been a refreshing change; I am delighted to say that I have seen the light with fad dieting and the constant weighing and punishing myself, letting the results dictate what sort of day I would have.

I no longer own a set of scales and do not view food as good or bad. I now eat to nourish my body and help keep my energy levels high to feel the best I can. I make much better positive choices within my diet, and I have started to enjoy and appreciate good wholesome food again.

I have never felt so clear-minded, and I am achieving absolute consistency with long walks and eating well; the difference is noticeable.

It feels like a lifestyle I can live forever because it's all about balance, not demonising foods, beating myself up, and binging with cravings.

Sharon's system and app are easy to use, and seeing your macronutrients and nutrients in your weekly diet sheets is exciting. Sharon makes it very easy to understand and suggests and tweaks changes to improve and enhance choices and food intake.

Sharon also considers what is going on around you in your life and is very easy to talk to; it helps your focus as you know you have her full support and can contact her at any time.

I have found this a much kinder and more supportive approach to anything I have tried to do before.

Thank you for clearing my head and getting me onto an upbeat track.

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