I came to Sharon because I had been suffering from various health-related issues that I was sure could be eased with a better diet, but I felt overwhelmed; I'd also seen a private doctor previously, and the change she had suggested was very extreme I couldn't manage it.

Because of my hectic lifestyle, I needed to adjust to meals that could fit my circumstances.

I also needed someone to call me out and hold me accountable whenever I started to creep back into old habits.

I am still on this journey with Sharon, but since I started, I have hardly ever suffered from my health issues; I have heaps more energy and feel fantastic; as a bonus, I have lost over a stone in weight.

Sharon is a good listener and cares about her clients, evidenced by all the extra help she provides and daily encouragement.

She gives excellent advice, and I have cracked my issues now; with easy, low-maintenance meals, winner!

Thank you, Sharon - I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to become healthier, fitter and feel better x

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