Elizabeth 'Buff' Branton

Elizabeth has been working with me now for 12 weeks and just look at how well she looks, 2 stone down, much more hydrated and feeling the happiest and healthiest she has ever done.

Elizabeth turned 50 and wanted to change some parts of her life, she is very active, she runs, cycles, dog walks so fitness-wise she couldn't do anymore but her snacking and her overall diet was letting her down. She couldn't shift the weight and felt tired and frustrated a lot of the time.

Elizabeth is an avid member of Core club run by JRSTT which has also added to her success by focusing on the progressive movement of the body and increased her strength, this and her change in her nutrition has undoubtedly had a massive impact and she has never felt healthier.

Elizabeth loved the black and white factual numbers and the small steps approach along and with our weekly meetings and food investigations she felt supported and able to achieve her goals

You have done an amazing job "Buff" I have loved working with you and look forward to more of the same.

"Sharon is very encouraging and comes up with great ideas to help with snacking habits. The app she provides keeps you in check and opens your eyes to what your body requires and makes you think about foods and their nutritional value and the weekly meetings are so supportive and set you up for the week ahead. The good thing is we have still had meals out and had that cake but we learnt through Sharon how to balance food and spend our calories wisely.

The results have been great for both me and my husband and we are the lightest we have been for years and feel so much happier, healthier and energised. We have a much more varied diet and are so much more aware of the benefits of certain foods and balancing. We have noticed improvement within our running and cycling which is great! "

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