Christmas Sale

Here we go into the season of goodwill, the promotion of gorging food and drink, followed swiftly by the season of "New year, New you" the newest fad diet with absolute crushing restrictions to lose 4 stone in one day and if you don't, you may allow yourself a solid thrashing and feel shit about yourself for the next however many months and round and round we go.

Do you ever feel tired with it all and want to feel good inside your skin and enjoy these times and still live without having to focus all the time on food and thrashing yourself at a gym miserably?

Do you ever want to view food as an enjoyable necessity were meals out and occasions are not a big issue and you can still live your life and learn how balancing food and calories is not such a big issue once you take the time to see what is in your diet?

Viewing food as fuel and nutrition for your body to function more effectively can have amazing results on the way you go about your life physically and mentally and can help with all sorts to improve your health and well being, who knows where it will take you? So, stick your fingers up at the "New Year New You" pressure, look at a longer sustainable journey to change your lifestyle and re-educate your self with balance and positivity and join my team of people who all have different goals and different needs, together we support each other. I offer independent advice, factual analytical information and personal support as one size does not fit all, that's for sure.

So what else can I offer you? I now have a sale on the packages I offer, not only that, I have included an exclusive membership to JRSTT Core club which is a massive opportunity for you to experience professionally designed classes of movement to improve your body function, core, strength and progressive fitness from your own home. Core Club is a fantastic community of likeminded people who support each other and are very encouraging.

I am so excited to be able to offer you this opportunity with your first package.

Get in touch and start the move forward to feeling so much better about yourself and live your life.

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